Spray.Bike: the first ever range of bicycle-specific colour coating designed for both amateur and professional use. Use our range of colours to personalise, change or refresh your ride, creating something unique to you.


STREET STENCILING. Anything can become a stencil! Here we found a cheap lace fabric and used it to create a super cool effect. Easy and totally unique.


This bike was given to us a couple of years ago. We think it’s an old Raleigh, but it’s been re-branded and re-sprayed a number of times so nothing is certain. It’s obviously been heavily used and not necessarily heavily loved, so we thought it was time for a little freshen-up.



We filmed this rad stencil video back in '86 :-)


Full length Spray.Bike edit of Bondex Couriers head-honcho and the creation of his parcel-wrapped Cervélo carbon dream. Rough Athens streets show no mercy as always. Soundtracked by Despite Everything who just dropped their new LP in full on bandcamp - go check it out. Filmed and edited by Sunny Lens - as always.


Spray bikeの正しい遊び方、使い方 by Squid Bikes

Really amazing fly-onthe-wall doc by cyclowired.jp Filmed at a Squid Bikes Spray.Bike painting party in the legendary Above Bike Store